Their Special Celebration

I’ve never seen anyone celebrate like Brin and Bryce did. They started their morning at the gorgeous Indianapolis LDS Temple, had a sweet luncheon, shared their vows under the oak trees at Mustard Seed Gardens, and then boogied the whole night away.

Something I love about weddings is seeing how two people show their love to each other. While capturing their day, I found that the Lifferth’s show love through dances, laughter, and sweet glances.

Not to mention their families, which were the reason these two lovebirds met, totally got the memo and tore UP the dance floor.. Also, I feel like I have to add that Brin and her father had the cutest father-daughter dance I have ever seen to the song “Like my Father” by Jax. When I tell you that EVEN I WAS IN TEARS!! by the end of the song, I am not exaggerating. They even ended their day with a private last dance, which I would recommend to E V E R Y couple. It was such a wonderful day that started the rest of their forever together. Everything about their wedding day was so fun and SO them!

I loved that they added so many small personal touches that helped their story shine. You’ll have to check out the details below or I will be writing forever about how obsessed I am!!! These two are hands down some of the most genuine, expressive, and kind people anyone could ever meet. I was so grateful to meet Brin + Bryce Lifferth. I wish these two all the happiness the world can offer!

Check out the rest of their wedding day and all the precious details : HERE!

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Indiana Vendors:

Ceremony Venue: Indianapolis LDS Temple

Reception Venue: Mustard Seed Gardens

Caterer: Sweet & Savory Catering

DJ: Track 7

Gown: Prichett Bridal

Mustard Seed Gardens Noblesville Indiana Photography By Carlie Beth Bridal